Major League Baseball Coming to Las Vegas? What this Could Mean for the City

Las Vegas is renown as the nation’s gambling capital. It has hitherto remained uncharted territory for the sports world. However, with the National Football League and the National Hockey League already expanding into Sin City, professional sports are finally finding a place here.

Major League Baseball is also looking like it’s catching up to the hype. MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred, has announced that expanding to Las Vegas is very much a possibility. That there are two teams in the league facing financial problems and thus lacking stadiums will, however, stall the move. The Tampa Bay Rays and the Oakland A’s have had financial struggles making, it a problem to bankroll stadiums.

Vegas could be a Big Market for MLB

In February, the commissioner said that the presence of legal gambling did not take away from the city’s potential to become an MLB city. However, the situations with the two franchises would need to be sorted out before any talk of a move can proceed.

Gambling and Sports Fans Alike will Enjoy it

Las Vegas has curved a reputation for itself as a gambling hotspot. There is a lot of fun to be had in the city. Professional sports franchises coming in will spur things a bit and make it the more exciting.

Other national leagues have already set the precedent and it’s only a matter of time before the trend catches on. Sports fans are already warming up to such moves for the sheer entertainment it could offer.

New Vegas Arenas to be Built

The city of Las Vegas realizes the potential that comes with having major sports franchises in town. The arena and entertainment company, AEG has partnered with MGM Resorts for a 20,000 seat arena to be built on The Strip. The construction project is going to cost $375 million. Given the already ripe market Las Vegas presents, such arenas would not need host sports teams to succeed. The fact that national leagues are coming in is a welcome bonus.

Fun at the Casinos and Arenas

As fans come to enjoy sporting events, they will have a hard time resisting the charm of the Vegas casinos. There is plenty of choice even for the occasional gambler to try their luck. For those who don’t know anything about wagering, starting out online is a good way to get themselves acquainted with the gaming world. Wagering online is easy and fun too. There are tons of good online casinos that can turn an average gambler into a skilled gambler. Since you haven’t been to Vegas until you have tried your luck on the casino floors, an online platform such as Old Havana Casino is a must try.

More Visitors to Vegas

As it is, Vegas is not short of entertainment for those who come for some amusement. Adding professional sports to the list of interesting things about the city was not the nearest option but it will work just fine. Other sporting areas such as boxing have had their time in Las Vegas, and if we are to go by the numbers, MLB is not such a big leap.