Vin Scully was at Chavez Ravine Tonight

We haven’t commented on this, but my God; how we’ve missed this man. Night over night. Day after day. It’s simply not the same at Dodger Stadium and the magic is just not quite as magical without Vin Scully up in the booth.

We try, sure. Orel Hershiser and Joe Davis do their best (Orel is kind of a dork), and Davis does some story-telling to let us all down easy from Vin Scully. But it’s just not been the same.

Well tonight on MLB Network, the Dodgers played the Giants. And Vin Scully was added to the ring of honor at the stadium. At least in the early hours of this game, he was in the house. He kicked things off against the rotten Giants with what we have all been missing:

Also, I really want one of these. I might be peeking on eBay to price one of these bad boys out.

The Dodger Stadium crowd was absolutely ferocious tonight. I stayed up to watch this one into extra innings, waiting for something special; even though I was exhausted early in the evening from mowing my front and back yard and chasing my kids around. The stadium had that vibe about it.

The Dodgers came up just short though and lost the game in extra innings. I felt pretty confident they would ‘Win for Vin’.

We love you, Vin. Can’t wait to see that stadium about one month from today and somehow pay you homage on this blog. We’ll make it!