I Hate F’n Pitchers

Seriously, I’m done with pitchers. I’m done with them forever. Noah Syndergaard is like one of three that I actually like anymore; and as you know the Mets let him decline having an MRI on his arm yesterday. Sketchy, but you know; he’s a competitor and all.

Well I wish I could have been offered a bet that bad things would happen today. And as they always seem to, they did.

Syndergaard left today’s start with a bad lat – whatever – but not before he got rocked for a bunch of runs and looked like shit.

This was really a predictable outcome. No team; no real MLB team, or fantasy team, should build itself around pitching. They can’t be trusted. They’re discarded waste. Even the best ones. It will always be this way.

Somewhere along the long line of baseball and evolution, things got all fucked up with pitchers. They’re no longer the same. I’m absolutely done with them, all of them.

Remember the mid-90’s Mets? Yeah, sure. They were going to build a team around Jason Isringhausen, Bobby Jones, and Billy Pulsipher. A rotation a lot like this one. How did that work out? Like it always does. They all blew their arms out and ended up middle relievers with other teams.

So here’s the last supper. “Two of you shall betray me” would be the caption.