Happy Belated, Corey Seager

Corey Seager is somewhat an elder statesman now. He turned 23 years old yesterday, and he’s really starting to heat up. He’s hitting lefties, he’s bashing balls out to center. He’s using the opposite field. He really couldn’t look much better right now all-around.

Seager hit a 470ish-foot blast off Johnny Cueto in a Dodgers 4-3 loss on Wednesday night. This was a game the Dodgers blew. It was his 4th home run of the season, and it was miraculous.

And then, it was time for the birthday blast. You see, Corey Seager and Matt Moore already have a *little* history between them. It was sweet then, and it was sweet now.

The Dodgers were not going to be denied on getaway day in San Francisco. They won the game 5-1. Seager has five home runs on the year and is hitting .318 with a .963 OPS. The Dodgers are 11-12 on the season.