The Top 20 Selling MLB Jerseys Right Now

A really good way to gauge player popularity right now:

1. Kris Bryant (Cubs)
2. Anthony Rizzo (Cubs)
3. Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers)
4. Javier Baez (Cubs)
5. Kyle Schwarber (Cubs)
6. Noah Syndergaard (Mets)
7. Corey Seager (Dodgers)
8. Buster Posey (Giants)
9. Gary Sanchez (Yankees)
10. Mike Trout (Angels)
11. Yadier Molina (Cardinals)
12. Madison Bumgarner (Giants)
13. Yoenis Cespedes (Mets)
14. Mookie Betts (Red Sox)
15. Bryce Harper (Nationals)
16. Francisco Lindor (Indians)
17. Freddie Freeman (Braves)
18. Dustin Pedroia (Red Sox)
19. Jose Altuve (Astros)
20. Josh Donaldson (Blue Jays)

This list is from and is based on the time period from the 2016 World Series until now.