Mookie Betts loves Camden Yards; abusing Kevin Gausman

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I knew the Red Sox weren’t getting swept at Camden Yards. And it is needless to say, Camden Yards and Kevin Gausman make Mookie Betts horny, isn’t it?

You may remember last year, when Betts used a series in Baltimore to basically have a month’s worth of production. He homered five times in two games. Well, today’s scoring kicked off with a shot that kind of looked a lot like those. This is a re-enactment. This is not from 2016. This is from today in the first inning, after Gausman did what he always does; dug himself in a hole early.

The next swing I’m pretty sure, Hanley Ramirez hit an even more monster bomb. Mitch Moreland hit one later on in the game. Craig Kimbrel came on for one out for his seventh save. All is well in Beantown with a day off tomorrow.

And sweet Jesus – Kevin Gausman. This guy is so messed up, Rodger McDowell might use all of his prime years just trying to straighten him out. What a horse abortion it is every time this guy pitches anymore.