Cubs hang Flag at Wrigley, Loss on Dodgers

[Cubs 3, Dodgers 2]
[Bleacher Nation]

My dad came over to watch this one – I really wanted to see it. The Cubs were raising the Championship flag and things were supposed to start on ESPN around 7:00 PM ET. Well, it started raining. The damn game didn’t get underway until 10:00 ET. It was an absolute mess!

It just seemed like the Cubs championship ceremony went on forever. And then when it was about to be done, it went on a little longer. The old man got tired of waiting. Once the game got underway, it had a little bit of a playoff atmosphere to it; the Cubs were wearing their gold champion-lettered uniforms.

The Cubs got out to a quick 2-0 lead although Alex Wood was a lot better than one would expect. Corey Seager of course got the Dodgers on the board with a bullet double down the line off Jon Lester.

Then I got really tired. The Dodgers would end up scratching another across to tie the game, only to lose on an Anthony Rizzo walk-off single in the bottom of the ninth. You had to figure the Dodgers were not winning this one.

When the rain cleared and these two teams locked horns, you did get the feel that you could be watching the last two teams that will be playing in the National league this year. This dates back to last season, even before the NLCS; these two teams seem to play epic and dramatic games.

I passed out before the game ended, so I didn’t see The Grimm Reaper Justin Grimm get out of a bases loaded gem or the tragic ending with Rizzo having his perfect night end perfectly for the Wrigleyville faithful. But I already can’t wait to watch the next two games in this series. These are two heavyweights.