MLB Network Special: From Millville to MVP (Mike Trout)

We really can’t post enough about Mike Trout. I mean – we really mean that. We should be writing every single day about something he did that day. He’s that special. We simply don’t have the time and let’s face it: he’s so outrageously good it’s become almost boring. Isn’t that sad?

Last night for instance, he tagged Evan Scribner for a two-run home run that ended up being the game winning home run; and it allowed the upstart Angels to sweep the Seattle Mariners today. He’s probably on pace for another 10 WAR season in his sleep. That’s what he does.

MLB Network did Trout his due. Very rarely do they do a network feature on an active player. Tonight they aired From Millville to MVP which is a feature on Mike Trout and his humble upbringing in southern New Jersey.

It’s hard to believe really. I know people who said they saw Trout play at Millville and knew of him then before he belonged to the world. I know them through my wife, who is also from southern Jersey.

He’s 25 years old, and as you watch this special tonight you realize that it’s very possible we are watching the greatest of all-time. If this continues onward a few more years, he’s the greatest ballplayer of my lifetime and I’m now 34 years old.

It seems like Trout is just a really good, regular guy who has had the same girlfriend since his sophomore year in high school. He just happens to be the best player in the world.

Billy Beane was featured in the special and talked extensively about scouting him leading up to his draft year. That was probably the most interesting part of the video. The scout that found Trout for the Angels was Greg Morhardt, who actually played with Mike Trout’s father. He said that Trout reminded him at 17 of Bonds, McGwire, etc. He knew this because he had played against those players in their younger years.

If you’re a Mike Trout fan or just like baseball, we hope you set your DVR. How the hell did this guy last until he did in the Stephen Strasburg draft?