Vin Scully may watch an inning today, if there’s time

It’s going to be weird today with things opening up at Dodger Stadium, but without the voice we grew up on and had to have; Vin Scully. Joe Davis takes over – he seems solid in a way that a Matt Vasgersian does – but he’s not Vin Scully.

And then of course, there’s the splendid reports that when they asked Vin Scully of his Opening Day 2017 plans; he humored everyone with his reply. He might watch the Dodgers, if there’s time:

“I’ll probably have things to do,” said the 89-year-old retiree, who honestly cannot be that busy. “I might catch a piece of it.”

“During the World Series back around ‘77 or ‘78, there was a game at Dodger Stadium with the Yankees, and I went to the game as a spectator. Now, I hadn’t been as a spectator in a long, long time, and I felt somewhat restless that I wasn’t broadcasting,” Scully recalled Tuesday.

“I did not have the challenge of trying to describe, accurately and quickly, the way it should be done. I just sat there, and I was not happy, I’ll be honest. So I realized that although I love the game, what I loved more was broadcasting it,” he said.

When it’s 4:00 and I’m watching Kershaw take the ball at Chavez Ravine and the sky is blue and the California sun is shining, something will feel a bit ‘off’ I suspect. Corey Seager will get a couple knocks. The Dodgers will win, and ‘I Love L.A.’ will be played. But the mystery remains if the magic of Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles can exist at all without the old man up in the booth.