MLB 17 The Show Franchise Team Announcement

So every year I commit to a team who will be like family to me for the spring and summer; because about ten days from now MLB The Show ’17 comes out, and I will roll with a franchise and invest upon that team like I am the skipper from game one to 162.

Last season, I actually completed a bucket list item. It was before my second kid happened. We lived at my mother’s in between homes. I played 162 games with the Astros. I didn’t skip an innings. I think I went down in four games in the ALDS to the Blue Jays. You can check it all out here. It was incredible how much I got into it. I felt invested and attached to my guys.

Well, my 2017 team; I am switching things up a bit. I considered the Los Angeles Angels and Los Angeles Dodgers very hard. I’ve also always wanted to make a YouTube video with three caps or ice cream helmets in front of me to have a press conference like some of the gamer nerds do on YouTube. You can search for them, they’re out there.

So fill up the ice cream helmet. I’m coming to Boston in 2017. The Boston Red Sox! Fenway Park! Yawkey Way! Chowder! Mookie Betts! Tyler Thornburg setting up Craig Kimbrel! Holding promotions like Whitey Bulger Bobblehead Night and Peabody, Mass Fight Heroin Night in my imaginary world! I cannot wait for this.

Since I really don’t know shit about Boston – never been, and wife says she’ll never go – I have to base it on my midwestern idea of it. Um, I guess I love the movie The Town. So here is where they get pinned down at the end in honor of my franchise announcement and in place of me doing a press conference with the three hats in front of me.

Here’s my favorite scene from Fever Pitch, which I now need to re-watch. I have so much to learn about Red Sox baseball.

Stay tuned for updates on my 2017 franchise. I can’t wait to trade for Jharel Cotton and get him in those Boston home whites and accomplish a new bucket list item: win a World Series while playing a full season. I’ve finally got the favored squad to go after it. And Mookie Betts is going 30/60 Eric Davis style, too.