10 Years Later…..

If this blog were a ballplayer, it would be entering it’s twilight years. If it were a fine suit, it would be down at the local goodwill or buried in the closet. If it were a man in a career, he would be given some type of recognition at his company.

But it’s just a baseball blog. So many blogs have come and gone in the decade since this one started. We are glad to still be somewhat in tact, and blessed to still be writing about baseball.

The dream has died of doing this for any type of career – and that’s quite alright. It’s better to have no prompts or editors hawking above us. To have this as our open canvas.

We love the game of baseball as much as anyone out there. We will continue to write about it right here, for free; for as long as we’re blessed to do so.

If it is your first stop here or you remember back all the way to day one; thanks for being a part of something we consider special.