Corey Seager didn’t have his ‘A’ Swing in 2016

Pretty good little story making it’s rounds around the different sites that cover the game of baseball recently. Corey Seager is telling reporters that he didn’t have his ‘A’ swing last season when he burst on the scene and won the National League Rookie of the Year Award.

Beneath the surface, though, Seager was discontent. Early in the season, he fumbled in search of a daily routine. By the end, he felt exhausted and frazzled. Along the way, “more often than I would have liked,” he said, his swing did not cooperate with his will.

“I was obviously comfortable,” Seager said. “There was obviously success. But it wasn’t what I ideally would have wanted.”

As Justin Turner later added in talking to the same reporter, it will be interesting to see what happens when Seager does find that swing. It’s almost scary to think about.

We buy this. Seager mentioned several times last season about fatigue starting to take grasp of him down the stretch into September. He played in a lot of baseball games, and that can be a big change for any young player to get accustomed to.

An interesting part of the article referenced above in the LA Times is the routine that Seager has gotten himself into to be ready to play each day. He says it’s essential. It also talks about Seager’s order at Panera Bread, getting used to stardom, how Chase Utley has served as his mentor; and most shockingly, Pat Burrell served as Utley’s mentor!