Noah Syndergaard will throw for the Mets on Opening Day

Noah Syndergaard has put on some weight, and wants to throw even harder this year (not necessary). He is one of the few pitchers left in the game that I have attachment to. He’s one of the few pitchers left whom; when he’s pitching I am particularly happy to have seen it. I make a point to seek out his starts. I really, really like Thor.

And that’s why I am worried.

Syndergaard will start on Opening Day for the New York Mets, it was announced today from Spring Training.

Terry Collins offered his usual mealy-mouse thoughts on it:

“I believe that Opening Day is something you earn from the year before, I don’t think it should be based on what you did in spring training,” Collins said. “This guy, based on what he did last year, deserved to be that guy. If Bartolo was here, he would still be in the mix.”

So we’ll go looking for Thor on Opening Day. It’s a 1:05 start in Flushing against the Braves. Get your popcorn ready. The Big Apple has a new Doc Gooden suiting up on Opening Day this year.