The Face Scans in MLB The Show ’17 are Vastly Improved

One thing in MLB the Show that has always been near and dear to our hearts: face scans. We feel like they’ve always done a good job, almost second to none in sports gaming. Certainly better than Madden but maybe a little less accurate than NBA2K. Well today we’re here to show you that they may be tops in the industry.

Our worries of Corey Seager continuing to look like Kyle Seager in the game or Carlos Correa simply being ‘Generic Puerto Rican Face 4’ might be no longer.

Clayton Kershaw:

Jose Altuve:

Felix Hernandez:

I mean, look at those damn faces! They look right through you! The faces we thought were so well done before actually look like cartoons compared to where they’re taking them.

We can’t wait to see more, and can’t wait until this game drops the last week of March. We’ll be all over it.