Cleveland Indians Awarded 2019 All-Star Game

For the first time since 1997 – a magical time in life – Cleveland will be home to an All-Star game in 2019.

The team will hold a news conference Friday to formally announce the event, which was last held in Cleveland in 1997, the person told The Associated Press on Thursday, speaking on condition of anonymity.

I think this is excellent news for the city of Cleveland, and it will give me a chance to finally attend an All-Star game, God willing.

A lot can happen in the game of baseball; and life, in three years time. Who knows who will be where, but Francisco Lindor should still be a cornerstone in Cleveland at that time, the city of Cleveland should be a little bit more restored with Trump in office, and the Indians should still have a somewhat competitive team.

Or things can go to shambles the year you host the All-Star Game like when the Reds did.

But an All-Star game brings temporary baseball magic to a city, like the night The Toddfather took over the Home Run Derby in the Queen City.

I was excited about this news to be sure. Cleveland will do a great job hosting the Midsummer Classic. And I remember how great the 1997 game was like it was yesterday, with Sandy Alomar Jr. playing the role of hometown hero.