A Whole Bunch of Teams are in on Brian Dozier

It’s weird. Last season, Brian Dozier drove me fucking BATTY!

He went from being awful to hitting 42 homers and a respectable .268 while driving in 99 runs for a fantasy league foe of mine. Dozier homered so many times just to spite me. I mean, I still beat the guy handily. But Dozier was a real pain in the ass; making things more interesting than it should have ever been.

He plays in that big stone park in Minneapolis. He entered 2016 as a lifetime .240 guy with a .726 OPS. He really had no business doing what he did last season. It just seemed to rub me the wrong way, for no real great reason at all.

However – there have been whispers since the season ended that the Dodgers have been interested in acquiring Brian Dozier. It’s like that ever so famous quote in Major League when Jack Parkman joins the Indians. It’s amazing how a change of a city could change your feelings about a guy.

Well not only are the Dodgers in on Brian Dozier still; but the St. Louis Cardinals (this would really make us hate the guy), Washington Nationals, and San Francisco Giants are as well.

We all know the Nationals will fall short because they always do. But if he ends up in Cardinal red or out in the Bay Area hitting bombs in another park where it shouldn’t happen, then this guy becomes public enemy number one all over again.