This Week’s Collect

Yeah, so I’ve decided to start featuring some posts of some hauls I add to my collection. I sniped this one off eBay, you’ll notice that it’s an authenticated photo (framed) of Corey Seager with a ‘2016 NL ROY’ inscription below the signature.

Now, that’s not why I bought this. It’s because that’s the swing that tied things up in the Vin Scully Dodger Stadium Farewell game this past fall.

So, this will be hanging on the wall in my mancave soon enough. My wife probably hates that I splurged on this. I can’t blame her, but I got a decent deal. And even though I will talk about the re-sell value, this thing is never leaving until I’m six feet under.

Stay tuned for more collecting posts. Or post some of your recent hauls in the comments.