‘School of Rickey’ about Rickey Henderson looks great

So I was halfway watching MLBN today and I saw something that really caught my eye. It was Rickey Henderson wearing wearing the number 35 and doing Rickey things. And I didn’t see the damn date of when this special is going to be!

Anyways, it’s called ‘School of Rickey’ and it’s about the flair and style Rickey Henderson had as a player (and subsequently got away with). Here is a trailer:

We always loved Rickey Henderson. I would say there was a time that other than Ken Griffey Jr. and Frank Thomas, he was probably our favorite player. And we were mesmerized that he returned to Oakland FOUR times. We always scoped his name out in the box scores, many times to the dismay that Oakland wasn’t listed in the paper because they played too late.

I hope I see when this is playing and catch it live.