DH Video Select: Dwight Gooden’s First Major League Inning

So last night we were watching MLB Network late at night after the football game ended, and they had on a series that was just tremendous.

Year by year, they had recaps of each season in baseball. When they got to 1985, we really perked up. This was the year that Dwight ‘Doc’ Gooden ruled the earth. There may never be another season from a pitcher like Gooden’s 1985. He was an all-time badass. Look it up, read all you can about it, watch all you can on it.

But this is not from his legendary 1985 season. This is from his rookie 1984 season, and it’s in the Astrodome in Houston. It’s his first big league inning.

This just bleeds classic, every drip of it. Someone put me in a time machine and take me back to the mid-1980’s please; when the music was good and when Doc was destroying big league hitters who knew they didn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell against him like Dickie Thon. Dickie Thon!