Yankees Retiring Derek Jeter’s number 2 on Mother’s Day 2017

I’m actually SHOCKED that the Yankees did not do this in 2016. The Yankees announced a few days ago that they will be retiring Derek Jeter’s iconic number two on Mother’s Day (May 14th) in Monument Park.

Jeter’s No. 2 will be the 21st number retired by the Yankees, as No. 8 was retired for both Yogi Berra and Bill Dickey on Old-Timers’ Day in 1972. Nos. 1 through 10 are retired for Billy Martin, Jeter, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Joe Torre, Mickey Mantle, Berra and Dickey, Roger Maris and Phil Rizzuto.

So it is kind of amazing that Jeter was sandwiched in the middle of all those legendary players and ended up being as special as he was. One might wonder how that came about – because I know I was wondering if Jeter just said to give him number two when his career as a Yankee began.

Not the case.

“I didn’t choose it. I was just given it,” Jeter said. “I assume that was because it was the smallest jersey at the time. I think Gallego had No. 2 before me. It was probably the only one that fit me.”

So someone knew way back when, that Derek Jeter was going to be special. Fourteen All-Star appearances and 3465 knocks later, it appears that they were right. No one in pinstripes will ever wear the number one through ten again.