We Love Ralph Bowdiv so much

When a friend pointed me in the direction of this Jon Heyman tweet this morning, I about shit myself.

But of course, this is industry insider Jon Heyman we are talking about. He’s like Santa Claus, and he knows who has been naughty and who has been nice. He knows when you’re sleeping. And he knows when you’re about to RALPH! He knew exactly where the Mark Trumbo to Seattle rumors came from.

What’s incredible is when these fake rumors start – it’s like Bowden’s brain contorts and his tongue swirls. An exorcism takes place. It’s an outer body experience he loves the art of the deal so much. He was so excited and his fingers were moving so fast and things are great because I’m reporting on a fake deal and I’m RALPH’ing; and then oh FUCK I just called (Kyle) Seager, Seaver. But oh well. I’m gonna ride with it.

I just wish he were on MLB Network so I could enjoy him more often.