DH Video Select: You think I would forget? I would never forget

It was a cool 68 degree April 4th day in 2005. I was a senior in college. I played hookie from baseball practice to go to this game, my first Cincinnati Opening Day ever was my favorite Opening Day ever.

Everyone remembers the Joe Randa walk-off job. But what was special to me was Adam Dunn tagging Pedro Martinez and Braden Looper twice, deep into the Cincinnati sky.

I attended every Opening Day until like; 2012. I think I hit seven in a row beginning with this game. I saw the Ramon Hernandez walk-off. I saw Jay Bruce hit a moonshot off the batter’s eye in center during the Cueto shutout in 2012 against the Marlins. Nothing topped this game and the explosion of crowd noise when Dunn connected on these and then Joe “baby” Randa (why did Chris Berman call him that?) finished the job in extras.

Long live Adam Dunn.