Today in MLB Labor Agreement talks


Your standard, boring Rob Manfred stock photo that comes with any labor post.

The current CBA agreement expires Thursday which is December 1st. It seems like the owners are going to lock the players out. But today, owners removed their wishes to have an International Draft which was done in an effort to “move talks forward”.

Here is the long and short of it, the tl;dr version:

Rosenthal says that despite the concession by the owners, the CBA talks have not exactly barreled forward. He notes, however, that the final item which remains is agreement on luxury tax levels and that such matters are usually the final ones agreed to in CBA talks.

I am pretty clueless on a lot of this stuff. I just know I have a bad feeling about it despite the fact the universal sentiment that ‘baseball will be fine’. I think this is a story for now until it’s not, because I never underestimate the greed of others.

Let us pray for labor peace and uninterrupted baseball.