World Series Game Six: Cubs steamroll Tribe victory party 9-3

Addison Russell's Grand Slam that made it 7-0.

Addison Russell’s Grand Slam that made it 7-0.

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The Cubs live to fight another day, and possibly to give us all the biggest game seven in the history of the sport. Someone is breaking a curse tonight, because of what happened in game six. If you’re a Cubs backer, it was the game of the series for you.

I felt like if Josh Tomlin could get 12 clean outs, the Indians were going to win the title and we would see the trophy last night. That didn’t happen. Tomlin retired the first two hitters, and then some ruckus started.

Kris Bryant got a piece of an 0-2 Josh Tomlin hanging curve, and it gave the Cubs a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the first. This was an absolute BOMB.

Bryant had four hits on the day. I think he’s the undeniable Most Valuable Player of the World Series if the Cubs can win game seven tonight.

From there, the Cubs added two more on a mis-played fly ball in center that no one touched. After the ‘you got it, I take it’ gaffe by Lonnie Chisenhall and Tyler Naquin; the Cubs led 3-0.

The game stayed quietly at that stanza for only just a little while, and then the third inning happened.

Then the dagger. Addison Russell became the youngest player since Mickey Mantle to drive in six in a World Series game. Four of them came on this grand slam:

The Indians scratched and clawed as they could behind a Jason Kipnis double, and a home run to get it to 7-2. The biggest victory in all of this for the Indians is they did enough to force Joe Maddon to bring Aroldis Chapman into the game, more on that in a moment. But Chapman came in to get out of a two runners on jam with Francisco Lindor at the plate. He did so successfully.

Anthony Rizzo would later add a two-run shot to make it 9-2. The final would read 9-3.

But tonight – it sure feels like the Indians have grabbed a little bit of momentum. Joe Maddon almost seemed as if he was trying to stick one up Francona’s ass, as if to say ‘I can beat you at your game, I’m going to my guy Chapman. He’s my version of Andrew Miller’. Only it wasn’t a game that Chapman should have been in. And Chapman is very different from Andrew Miller, from someone who knows him. He’s not a converted starter. He’s just not Andrew Miller. And in a close game tonight in game seven; he might just be a bit more human because of the workload the last two games.

It all adds up to the biggest game seven this blog and my life have ever seen tonight up I-71 about two hours from my doorstep. I can hardly wait.