Leicester City’s secret weapon in the last season

Over the years, athletes and sports teams have always been searching for new methods to improve their performance. In dire situations they would risk their careers or reputation and turned to the help of doping not knowing there are other perfectly legitimate aids that can significantly enhance training result.  Nowadays top sports teams across the world are deploying smart devices strapped inside their jerseys, which collect data on their every move.

Leicester City is a part of this movement. They won English Premier League title despite being a write-off team – making a “fairy-tale” that shocked football pundit and betting house alike. They had the fewest injuries out of any team this season, used the fewest players and scored the most counter-attacking goals.

The Foxes’ secret weapon is a smart device named OptimEye S5. It was engineered by Catapult sports from Australia. If you think your FitBits counting steps and sweat is advanced technology, then meet the S5. Its precise GPS technology tracks a player’s movement in real time. Dozens of sensors are also on board – accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, heart rate monitors – which, combined, output more than 900 data points per second.

The data from the devices is then processed and analysed in a proprietary software package, called Openfield, a combination of Google and Salesforce and Bloomberg, for elite sport. It monitors players’ physical load to determine probability of injury. The technology helps greatly with betting and other similar entertainment product, according to ty le bong da.

Coaches can use the information to tailor training programs for each player, enable them to push for the best of their ability without running into risk of injury. Then during play, real-time data from software allows them to make strategic decisions on player rotation. In this fashion, players always stay fresh and up for challenge, giving them huge advantage over opponents. This is how big data can empower sports team and it is happening now.