It’s Time to give the Cleveland Indians their due


So, if you follow baseball you might have heard. The Cleveland Indians probably had their most “The Magic is Back at Jacob’s Field” (for those of you that are my age) type wins last evening.

Francisco Lindor is the headliner of this roster. The pitching staff gets undue credit – they’re remarkably inconsistent. They have a World class manager in Tito Francona. But the unsung MVP of these Indians just might be little Jose Ramirez. He’s a HELLUVA ballplayer.

Last evening he hit the dramatic ninth inning game-tying home run off Blue Jays closer Roberto Osuna. Rookie Tyler Naquin followed it up inevitably with the inside-the-park walk-off job. My friends who are Indians fans all texted me with their own version of ‘did you see that shit’?

The Indians are good. They’re division-winning good. This is the best Indians team since that 2007 group which could have went to the World Series. How does the story end? Who the Hell knows. It’s going to depend on what version of the pitching staff shows up in October and can they get hot in a five game series and then a seven game series.

But these Indians are good, and they’re a lot of fun. They’re not dotted with superstars or anything, just a bunch of grinders and they play the game the right way. Good on them.