It’s the 2016 Home Run Derby Day


So you know what that means. Chris Berman shitting all over himself and a bunch of video-game looking blasts. Sounds like an event to me!

This will be our first derby to watch on television in two years; since we were live and in the flesh for Todd Frazier’s creation of the greatest Home Run Derby ever.

Here are the odds, and I’ll note I’m super pumped that Corey Seager is in this to begin with.

Giancarlo Stanton: +350
Mark Trumbo: +375
Wil Myers: +550
Todd Frazier: +600
Adam Duvall: +600
Robinson Cano: +800
Carlos Gonzalez: +800
Corey Seager: +900

I’m told I’ll be in a pool of some type. So I’m waiting to see who I get. I would say the odds of Berman saying something stupid enough that we can mention it in a post of it’s own is like -210. I can’t wait.