Astros face long odds in reviving their season


The Houston Astros were picked by Sports Illustrated back in March as the team that would win the World Series. Now that baseball has had it’s way for almost two full months, how crazy does that sound?

To give you an idea of how crazy the idea of an Astros resurgence is, lets take a look at the odds. MLB futures by RealBet Sportsbook have the Astros at +1800 odds to win the AL Pennant. They’re currently at +3500 to win the World Series.

What this means; is the Astros are done. If you’re at the casino and you’re staring at this and your team’s figures look anywhere in the direction of these numbers, you can start thinking about football season honestly. In contrast, the Cincinnati Reds are currently +50,000. That makes the Astros chances look a little bit better. If you have a $100 bill you would rather throw away than just set it on fire, go ahead and bet it on the horse abortion that is the Cincinnati Reds. If a miracle that is more incredible than anything the human race has seen in 2000 years occurs, you will win $50,000.

Plus there’s always this story to remember about long odds and Major League Baseball teams.