Trevor Story hit another one today….


My late Sunday afternoon (and intuitive thought) went a little like this:

Make dinner for my kid, make sure the food was cut small enough kid doesn’t choke, check MLB app on phone to see what’s going on in Rockies game/find Trevor Story in the box score….. nothing….. he’s 0 for 2…. surely he’s done…. he might not hit another one…… the six home runs he already hit were an aberration… don’t get excited… he’s done hitting them…. get the coloring book out with kid…. make sure she doesn’t eat crayons like she always tries…. check phone again to see what Trevor Story has done….. oh shit, she’s eating a piece of the red crayon…. change poopy diaper…. give kid a bath…. watch Frozen songs on iPhone with the kid so she doesn’t scream but need to check what Story is up to in Colorado….. check MLB app in the middle of her favorite song to see what Story has done and she screams bloody murder – can’t blame her…. Story still hitless.

And just as I put her to bed, a friend texts me “who does Story think he is? A-Rod”. Trevor Story of course hit his SEVENTH friggin’ home run of the season this afternoon in the Rockies win. The Rockies announcers are affectionately calling it ‘Story Time’ (awww) when he homers now. It’s a thing.

This is completely incredible, obviously. We aren’t going to do a post every time this kid homers because we aren’t going to be able to keep up with him. But he’s definitely piqued our interest in a big way. And this is a great story – no pun.

Maybe the Rockies can have nice things after all.