Sports Illustrated Picks Houston to win the World Series


It’s a time honored tradition that every year I get the Sports Illustrated Baseball Preview edition, and I put way too much stock to who is on the cover and picked to win it all. I’ve done this ever since that 2000 season when the Reds ‘stole’ Griffey and were picked to roll to a title. I’m not sure SI has had one champion picked correctly in that time.

Today, the Houston Astros land on the cover; which I’m completely fine with. They’re picked by SI to defeat the Chicago Cubs in the World Series, which would be an absolutely amazing series for the fans of the greatest sport on earth to see. I agree that the Cubs will get to the series – but I can’t sign off on Houston. I do love that the cover features three of my favorite non-Reds in all of baseball with Dallas Kuechel, Jose Altuve, and Carlos Correa.

For me, the sizzle in this steak is the 36 PAGES OF SCOUT TALK! I love scout-speak. I could read 3600 pages of it and I would read every word, twice. That’s the real reason I need to buy this issue.