Betting on Baseball 9/23

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Welcome to your Wednesday edition of Betting on Baseball. Whether you like to wager with your local and keep it secret from your wife, or bet sportsbook dollars; hopefully our picks will keep you in the green.

The pick for tonight’s game hails to us from the Western coast, where Bruce Bochy’s pesky Giants head to San Diego to take on the Padres and Pat Murphy (you didn’t know off the top of your head Pat Murphy managed them).

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The Giants are a slight underdog tonight, checking in at a Vegas consensus +100. Andrew Cashner is 6-15 this season with a 4.25 ERA. He’s managed to stay healthy all year finally but it hasn’t gelled for the troll looking young man. He was knocked around in 4 and 2/3 by these very same Giants on September 11th for nine hits and five earned runs. Opposing him is Jake Peavy, who is 7-6 with a bit more respectable 4.08 ERA.

We know from our time in Daily Fantasy Baseball that no one in all of baseball can chew up mediocre starting pitcher like the Giants; with the possible exception of their AL Dopplegänger, the Royals. Next in line would fall the Cardinals but they are a much weaker version of these two mentioned foes.

One team is 11 games under .500 with a superior starting pitcher. The other is eight games over, with still a slight bit to play for. Yes, the game is in San Diego; but at this discount you can feel comfortable laying your money on the Giants at absolute even money.

Bet the San Francisco Giants at +100 and make yourself a little fun money. In a one-run low scoring game which this is likely to be in spite of Cashner; Bochy will have his guys in the right spot or utilize his bench just a smidgen better than comrade, Pat Murphy.