Your Saturday Baseball Post


This post really should have been up a lot earlier today, but I was at the pool all day with my nine month old.

However; it’s a Saturday… and on Saturday we honor baseball. The Cubbies just wrapped up a Wrigley Field winner. I am honestly moving closer to ‘Anthony Rizzo is my MVP of the National League crowd’. He hit his 25th home run of the season today.

In other matinee action, the Pirates won in the bottom of the ninth in Pittsburgh, the Yankees won at Yankee Stadium; coupled with the Cubbies winning, those are three things that truly are good for baseball. There’s an excellent night slate ahead with the other twelve or so games kicking off right as this post is going live. And there’s nothing better to do when you have a slight sunburn and your kid has just fallen asleep than take in a few innings.

And today was near a perfect day really. Perfect weather, a day with my family, and baseball on tonight. So what better than to make the 80’s song of the week be by my all-time favorite band, The Cars. It wasn’t their greatest hit but in my opinion it’s in their top five. Magic.

Saturday is the best day of the week, we maintain; and baseball will always be the greatest sport on earth. Just like it was in the 60’s and 70’s when the immortals our fathers talk about were hitting in the heart of the order in the city nearest you. It binds time and generations together like no other sport can. On this day each week, we salute baseball.

Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.