Your Saturday Baseball Post


It’s the best day of the week, and there are four early games on the slate with the rest going on stage late here as we begin summer’s final month.

Even if you aren’t feeling your best, even if you’re taking care of your sick kid, there’s something harmonious about baseball on a Saturday in the summer that can make everything seem alright for a couple of hours. Let’s not forget that Clayton Kershaw and Dallas Kuechel throw today.

While you were sleeping, Mike Trout had another amazing Mike Trout game last night in the City of Angels. He had three hits, two of them coming off the lately unhittable Zach Greinke. He drove in all three Anaheim runs in a 5-3 losing effort. He hit his league-leading 32nd home run of the year. Mike Trout is God’s gift to the game of baseball.

Today your 80’s song of the week that should be played on a ballpark loudspeaker near you preferably in between innings is “Something so Strong” by Crowded House. This is from 1986 when the New York Mets ruled the world.

So enjoy your Saturday. We say it every year but sadly, soon enough the boys of summer will be giving way to the guys on the gridiron of the NCAA and NFL. We aren’t quite ready not to be able to watch baseball on impulse at any time of the day on the weekends yet.

Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.