Giancarlo Stanton’s Coors Field Bomb becomes his newest ‘longest home run’


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In his career in the Rocky Mountains, Giancarlo Stanton has eight home runs, a .362 average, and an OPS of 1.351.

Drop Giancarlo Stanton in Coors Field, against Eddie Butler; and this is the type of mayhem that happens in the chemistry experiment:

It was a 484 foot bomb when it landed – and once again Giancarlo Stanton has the longest home run of the season; this of course happens over again every time he hits one, or so it seems.

If you’re happy about exit speed and those types of things, the ball was clocked at 110 MPH and change. That means in layman’s terms that Giancarlo Stanton hit the piss out of it. Literally.

Good to also see the Miami Marlins win three in a row. And how about Eddie Butler; is there a guy in the big leagues more juicy right now? He’ll be enjoying AAA Albuquerque pretty soon one would think.