Memorial Day Weekend is a time to celebrate baseball


I’ve always really loved Memorial Day weekend, I would guess due to it’s strong connection to the game I love most. As a kid this was always the weekend that I would be playing in a big baseball tournament that would kick off my team’s summer season. It was full of new hope and possibility and if you had a solid weekend, your batting average was always started magically high despite what you finished the spring season of school ball at.

When I was in college and a young adult, I would go to my wife to be’s roots in New Jersey and run in the Spring Lake Five Race, and usually there were all kinds of festive things going on to kickoff summer on the Jersey Shore.

Now as an adult, it’s down to watching baseball, enjoying my neighborhood pool being officially opened, and maybe a barbecue or two. It’s still a great weekend to just enjoy the weather and count your blessings.

Another spring is in the history books, and the cold weather should be gone with it for good. It’s about to be the dog days of summer before we know it; and this weekend serves as a short pause before that happens.