Jeffrey Loria fired the shit out of Mike Redmond after the Marlins were one-hit today


That little curmudgeon bridge-troll owner of the Marlins sure does know hot to fire a manager or two.

Shelby Miller was one out away from a no-hitter when Justin Bour singled in the bottom of the ninth to save Redmond from that embarrassment. It seemed by the time Redmond reached the clubhouse, ownership and security were there waiting on him to tell him he was re-joining the workforce.

Literally minutes after the game completed (Braves swept), news came across the wire that Mike Redmond had been fired. From the reactions I gathered on twitter, Marlins fans are very unhappy about this. Just 23.5% of the season is completed. Redmond really improved the club last year, so much that he received an extension through 2017.

I can’t disagree with this at all. I’ve watched Miami a lot this season, and they have been noticeably flat. Night after night, they lose in a heartbreaking fashion or fail to show up at all. This team has talent, I would argue that with anyone. After the way they’ve wasted several game-breaking Stanton homers in the past calendar week; it was just time. Redmond was not the man for the job. The swiftness of this decision just further silently states that ownership knows this team is capable of more and losing won’t be tolerated.

It’s shrill but I liked the move. This cold firing did somewhat remind me of when the Mets fired Willie Randolph in what seemed like the middle of the night a few seasons back. I think they called old Willie up at 3:00 AM to tell him he was fired, just to be pricks. The Wilpons were pricks, too.