On Opening Day, Legends Never Die


If you’re as big a baseball fan as we are; and since you’re reading this blog it’s got to be assumed that you are, tomorrow is like Christmas in the spring time.

There is no greater time of year in terms of renewed hope, possibility, new beginnings, and turning over a new leaf than when the baseball season begins.

And we say it every year in regards to baseball beginning – starting tomorrow – you truly could see anything.

For us, there are certainties that come with this and any season that we can’t wait for: an All Star Game in Cincinnati, our daughter’s ‘first’ season of baseball, holidays filled with the game on and the grill lit. Then there’s there’s the realm of possibility that leads the mind to wander.

This could be the season that a guy hits in 40 straight games. Some new star arms will emerge as aces. Giancarlo Stanton could make a run at fifty home runs. The Cincinnati Reds could get their turn at playing Cinderella. Bryce Harper could go 30-30. The Houston Astros can make an unlikely run at a Wildcard spot. We could see a game 163 that is decided in 20 innings of play.

With baseball, the possibilities are infinite of what we could see. There’s nothing that leads us to believe that this won’t be the greatest season we’ve ever seen.

We’ll get introduced to new members of the fraternity like Carlos Rodon, Kris Bryant, and Micah Johnson among others. Old friends like Vin Scully and Yasiel Puig will be welcomed into our living rooms on a nightly basis.

And when tomorrow begins with a full slate, you’ll begin to see some things that blow your mind like only the things on a baseball diamond can. Some of the mystery gets unlocked with each day that gets crossed off on the calendar, each one opened like a daily gift better than the one before it.

With six-plus months of baseball ahead of us, everyone’s spirits should be high. There is simply no better day than what we get tomorrow.

And remember as this season begins, you truly could see anything. That’s what makes baseball so magical.