Let’s Get on With Some Second Half Baseball


If this All Star Break went on one more day, we don’t know if we would survive. We’ve gone through some serious baseball withdrawal the past few days. As we type this post, most players are probably arriving back in their home MLB cities from their respective hometowns.

The good news is tomorrow, there’s a full slate of action and everyone will be suiting up. The bad news is there’s less than half of the season remaining. We’re just not going to be quite ready this year to flip it over to football season. If the season were 13 months long, we would still be greedy and want another month of it.

For me in particular, the 2014 second half will be my last half season without a kid of my own. This is weird; because baseball in a lot of ways has always reduced us back to the inner child within us. It’s going to be a big adjustment, but it won’t be without some fireworks before we have to worry about fatherhood.

It’s going to be an action-packed and drama filled second half. In your wildest imagination, you can’t even guess at the drama we have ahead of us. That’s what we say to all the crap talk that baseball is dying.

No superstars? Watch Trout play sometime, soccer fan.