Your Saturday Baseball Post


Happy baseball Saturday. Today we’re going with Vince Coleman, who was a legend to us even before we knew what Vince Coleman looked like.

The reason for this is we had R.B.I. Baseball for the NES, and we never played as the Cardinals (Mets typically) but this Coleman character was absolutely unstoppable for St. Louis. He was an absolute pest who robbed us blind on the basepaths. He was a menace to society, even when we were six years old we hated seeing ‘Coleman’ come to the plate with his .298 average and three home runs. If you owned the game and tangled with the Cardinals, it wasn’t Jack Clark you feared.

None of the games start until 3:00 PM today, so you’ve got time to get some household chores done before the fun begins. It’s been a glorious week of baseball with what seems like a lot of bombs and big moments. And of course in the non-baseball world (if there is such a thing), LeBron James announced his return home to Cleveland yesterday. Good on you ‘Bron.

Enjoy your Saturday. Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers, where baseball is at the center of our universe.