Happy 4th of July


Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. It serves as a dream holiday for a baseball lover.

As a kid you are either playing your summer league games in the heart of your season, or if your team is off that day it’s a good day to get the neighborhood together and play some backyard ball. As a college kid, it’s a great time to crush some Budweiser and drunkenly watch your team. As an adult, it’s a day off work and a good time to take in as many innings as you can. There’s nothing about it that is anything but wonderful. Nothing takes a grown man back to his childhood like this holiday and a ballgame on television.

Devour some dogs, take in some fireworks, watch Joey Chestnut destroy the field in the Nathan’s competition, and most importantly respect America’s greatest sport by having a ballgame on television no matter where you are.

Happy Fourth of July, and thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.