Mike Trout sinks a Pearl in the Kaufman Stadium Fountains


When I was a kid, I remember picking up one of the old RBI Baseball games at the video rental shop (I think it was R.B.I. Baseball 3) and seeing some of the cool things on the game on the back. Of course this was the early 90’s, and they couldn’t include things in the game like they do present-day. There was no franchise play, no downloads. What they loaded on the cartridge for your Sega Genesis was all you got. But the one thing that they got me with was saying ‘Sink a Pearl in the Fountains of Kansas City like Bo Jackson!’ and the genius who designed the game showed a baseball heading into the video game 8-bit fountain off a home run. From there, I told mom I had to rent it.

Mike Trout went Bo Jackson tonight, with one of the more memorable home runs of his entire career. It was a beauty. I wasn’t watching it live, I was driving home from dinner and listening on the radio and the announcers didn’t get too excited when the ball left the bat but they quickly knew it was out. I started to get texts about the home run. Then I saw the damn thing.

The 80th home run of his career and 18th of his season made a little bit of history.

Another Mike Trout moment that won’t get appreciated enough; because it couldn’t possibly, but another moment in his young baseball career we’re just proud to be privileged enough to see.

Here’s video of what will go down as my favorite home run of 2014:

The Angels had their mighty fine winning streak snapped with an 8-6 loss.