Ernesto Frieri feels the A’s are Bullshit; just like we do


Man the Oakland Athletics sure are annoying. They have a bunch of junk-heap guys who seemingly just fit into place and get the job done. Sure, it’s to the credit of a mastermind General Manager who is one of the greatest of all-time. But it doesn’t make them any more entertaining.

And it’s not just their roster that gives me that sense of dread, it’s their damn morgue of a park! There was a game cancelled there for sewage overflow this year!

Look, I thought the little run they made to the postseason in the early 2000’s was a great story and great for baseball. You know what isn’t great for baseball? The A’s getting in the playoffs now and keeping a team with star appeal like the Angels out.

Ernesto Frieri feels that the Angels are the better team, and he was feeling froggy about this so he jumped. Queue up the OC Register, please.

“We played really good baseball against a really good team,” Frieri said Sunday. “It’s good for our confidence, to let us know that we can beat anybody.”

Frieri was then asked if anybody included the Oakland Athletics, the team that easily swept the Angels just one week ago and the team the Angels host for three games beginning Monday. He didn’t hesitate.

“We’re going to beat them,” Frieri said. “Get ready to write that. I hate to say this, but they have a little bit extra luck. If you pay attention every play, it’s stupid how the game goes their way.”

I agree with Frieri that they probably will ‘beat them’. The Angels have played like six games against the A’s this season (losing five) so with 13 left to go; they probably won’t get skunked. But you get Frieri’s poorly made point; the A’s are a sack of shit and fuck their producing lineup with Brandon Moss, Coco Crisp and that dweeb Eric Sogard going out their every night and getting it done. Derrick Norris is going all Scott Hatteberg on us from the right side so he can suck one too.

I hate the A’s, their shitty stadium, and their boring ass games that put me to sleep. I hope this rivalry ends with Mike Scioscia taking a big stinky dump that overflows into the A’s home dugout in September and cancels another game.