The Storywriting Continues Friday


A player’s career plays out like a story. In Jay Bruce’s case, we’re a few chapters in; but the story is not yet fully written.

The writing of the story will continue Friday; when Jay Bruce likely returns to the Reds lineup. He was activated from the DL today (don’t get too excited, they lost Joey Votto; continuing the trend of as soon as something good happens, it’s counter-acted by something bad) returning early from minor knee surgery.

As luck would just so have it; Friday at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati happens to be the first game I’m attending live all season long. I look at Friday as the beginning of the Reds season. Sure, they don’t have everyone, but it’s one last round-up with a lot of the main faces factoring in. Pretend the Reds are 0-0 and from that day onward they need to make a run.

Homer Bailey will be on the mound. Jay Bruce will be in right field. If they can muster up the effort to get a big win over the hated rivals while I’m at the park; all will seem right with the world for at least one night.

Last call for drinks; bar is closing soon. One last running of the bulls. One last chance to make a run with this current group before the window slams shut. I can’t say I believe, but as a fan I’ll go to war and go down shooting with Jay Bruce, Homer Bailey, The Toddfather and the same cast of characters I love. This sailor is going down with his ship.