Betting on Baseball – 4/24/2014

Welcome back to one of the best series on this blog – Betting on Baseball. Remember the rules folks, we just give you winners to do what you want with. Don’t blame us when you parlay our winner with your own ‘for sure’ winner in Felix Hernandez and Seattle -240 over the lowly Houston Astros. We advise all plays on the money line and don’t mess with any of that funny -1.5 shit. Stuff gets too weird then and these teams don’t care if they win by one as long as they win.

Today’s pick deals with a match-up that so many around the baseball world will have their eyes on. The New York Yankees visit Fenway in a showdown with the Boston Red Sox. It’s Skinny Cookie Cookie Sabathia against Felix Doubront. It’s a couple shit Southpaws in a bandbox but don’t you even think about touching that OVER total.

According to an online sportsbook, Bovada, the Boston Red Sox is a favorite at -115 to win the game vs New York Yankees at +105.

The New York Yankees are going to end up the better team this season, and Sabathia will continue to find his rhythm as he proves that he’s not quite ready to be doing broadcasting on a semi-nightly basis. The Yankees will win the game tonight as the underdog.

Mevs’ Pick: Take the Yankees at +105. Money line.