Scouting Yasiel Puig: 4/20/2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 6.16.53 PM
At bat #1 vs. RHP Collmenter: (Following Gonzalez double) Takes 87 fastball up and in for a ball. Takes 87 fastball catcher set up inside for a strike. Fouls away 87 fastball middle to outside – looked as if he did not get his arms fully extended on this pitch down the middle. Check swing on 87 fastball high. Fouls 88 middle fastball straight back. Swing and a miss (strikes out) on an 88 fastball away off the outside corner.

Playing Right Field, LHB Montero hits a ball down the line, Puig fields the ball along the RF wall, short crowhop and short arm throw arrives at second base in time to nail the slow footed Montero for the assist.

At bat #2 vs. RHP Collmenter: First pitch 88 fastball down in the zone hits a fly ball to medium range center field for a fly-out.

At bat #3 vs. RHP Collmenter: (Following Gonzalez Intentional walk) 87 fastball low and inside called strike. 88 fastball middle of the plate, hits 3-run home run on a line drive over the left-center field wall.