MLB The Show ’14 Info Will Be Out Soon


One day soon, we’ll have more news on the grandaddy of all baseball video games, MLB the Show ’14.

There’s no release date yet, and details have been sparse in working their way out on the Official Facebook Page.

This series has set the standard for sports video games and is the only reason I bought a Playstation 4. We have to think they again deliver with the best rendition of their series to date. Plus, last year there was no custom face scan for Yasiel Puig and this year we get real Puig scanned into the game and that’s enough to take our money.

You best prepare yourself for us to screenshot the shit out of you on this site now that PS4 has the ‘share’ option.

We’ll leave you with one of the best baseball games of yesteryear: Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball for the N64. My buddies and I battled on this game in high school and then in college we often played a World Series (often spanning seven games) while pre-gaming and drinking beers before going out. It’s a legend.