Following up on our Non-Interview of Bip Roberts


At least I can always say one of my boyhood favorites called me.

We want to make sure that we address this so that none of the readers think of us as liars.

A short time ago we promised to deliver to you Bip Roberts on The Baseball Show Podcast. My first mate M.J. Lloyd and I spent about 90 minutes on Google Hangout preparing the perfect interview. We had some great stuff to ask one of our favorite players from the 1990s.

And then when it came time to go live on the show, our podcast host site Talkshoe decided to take a crap.

Total amateur hour, totally embarrassing, and worst of all I never got to ask Bip any Rickey Henderson stories. Not long after the show didn’t go live, I received a call from our friend Mr. Roberts. What followed was one of the most awkward four minute exchanges of my lifetime (it seemed more like an hour).

Me: “Hello Bip”.

Bip Roberts: “Hey”

Me: “We’re having some technical difficulties with our podcasting software. I know, totally amateur hour here,”

Bip Roberts: (Silence)

Me: (Silence, scrambling to try anything to get it to work).

Bip Roberts: (More sustained silence)

Me: “Did you get my e-mail that will allow you to call into the show?”

Bip Roberts: (still mostly silence) “No I didn’t get it”.

Me: “Okay, I can re-send it to you. What’s your e-mail address.”

Bip Roberts: (Provides me with a different e-mail address than the one he had first given me, explains why it never arrived).

Me: “Okay, I just sent it again. Do you see it?”

Bip Roberts: “Nothing yet” (Dog barking in the background and kids talking)

Me: “I sent it to [email protected]

Bip Roberts: (Directing his kids to do something)

Me: (after another minute or so of silence) “Bip, are you there?”

Bip Roberts: “Yeah, I’m here. I got it.”

Me: “Okay. Talk to you on the show” (As I cross my fingers and wish to do nothing other than eat a revolver simultaneously).

I e-mailed Bip several times after the show never ended up working, as well as telling Talkshoe support that they had cost me dearly. Neither one seemed to feel very sorry for me, which is understandable I guess.

I stayed up until about three in the morning researching new podcast software and seemed to go in circles. And I drowned my sorrows by watching Bip Roberts interviews on YouTube. This one especially hurt, because at the 1:45 mark Bip Roberts is going to talk about how important preparation is to whatever one is doing. BLERG.

And then I realized that I’m never going to get to interview Bip Roberts because he probably thinks I’m one of the internet’s total slapdicks. I am sorry Bip. If ever you should see this, we would still love to have you on the show – and we promise it will work this time (maybe).