Today’s News: I found my Baseball Bookie!

Whats up Bitches?

Over the weekend I was exchanging texts with a friend when he told me the good news: he found a guy to take all of our baseball bets this season! So what this means is I have a real talking, walking,  texting, shitting baseball bookie for this MLB season. And all I have to do is survive until March 22nd! I can’t wait to water this guy down with my horseshit four and five team parlays!

While I’ve never been big into live betting on sports, I have dabbled a bit in NFL lines; especially this season. It’s just not the same. There’s something magical about those baseball match-ups and looking at the lines each morning. Finding the perfect home underdog. Seeing the team you can’t believe has a ‘+’ value beside it because you saw something great in their starter the last time out. Or just throwing that fourth team into the parlay party because while three are shots in the dark you just have a feeling about that fourth team thrown in the mix, and they’re due.

There’s no talk of covers and such. In baseball, it’s just about winning the damn game. And now I have my very own bookie to punish and own. This guy isn’t going to know what hit em’ in 2014!