I need some baseball games to bet on or something


Oh MLB Money Line, how I miss your soft, sweet touch.

It’s football season and there’s that chill in the air, and that means you’re nowhere in sight. In fact, you’re far far away from me. As far as you’ll ever be. And I’ve hit that point in my betting where no matter which way I go on a football game, it will inevitably find a way to fumble fuck itself into exactly the opposite of what I need.

Take this past Monday Night Football for instance. I take the OVER 51 total for the game. On the first drive of the game Aaron Rodgers breaks his collarbone. Game has a total of 44 heading into the fourth quarter. I need one lousy touchdown, one cross of the goal line to get my push. Sure enough, both squads find themselves screwy enough to fall short of my bet. My damned if you do, damned if you don’t bet.

Welcome to football, where no one should handicap anything and no matter which way you go, you’re doomed. ON the baseball money line, I feel right at home. In the sport where any given team can win on any given day, somehow I have a lot more success. I can’t football handicap for shit.

Come next April, I’ll head over to Online Pokies to place some baseball bets on the money line. A money line that actually allows for money to be made without risking $3,000. My bankroll will be healthy again – should any of it survive the winter – and it probably won’t. Anyone who attempts to bet a football game needs to have their damn head examined. I am one of these poor souls.

  • Happens, man. Sometimes you place a bet, and you think it’s going to be a good one. But then things just go downhill. NFL betting woes!