Matt Harvey needs Tommy John even though no one is admitting it yet


Well, this news sucks for all of baseball.

Matt Harvey has a partially-torn UCL which always ends the same way. Young pitcher goes under the knife and begins the long road back to his once dominating state.  It’s hard to believe as I’m typing this, as Harvey was one of the most dominating presences on the mound that I’ve seen in a number of years – and it seemed that virtually nothing could get in his way of a decade’s worth of dominance.

This news comes nearly three years to the date of when the Washington Nationals made a similar announcement about Stephen Strasburg. Strasburg has came back strong, albeit not quite as dominant as he was prior to the surgery.

Shortly after the news broke, Harvey said “I’m going to do everything I can to avoid surgery”. The smart call would probably be to get under the knife as soon as possible, and pad Dr. James Andrews bank account as quickly as the Mets can wire the money. The longer Harvey waits to have the procedure the further you drag out the 12 to 18 month timeline that will be needed to get Harvey back and working to full strength.

In a very related note, the New York Mets are fucked. They’re up there in Queens with that big boring ballpark and a desolate roster and Terry Collins as their manager. Finally when there was light shown at the end of the tunnel, they’ve once again been left out in the cold with news that no organization deserves. I actually feel bad for a bunch of New Yorkers tonight, except this guy. He deserved it.